Zero-Based Budgeting: The Ultimate Guide

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When you create a budget that works for you, you gain a sense of peace and freedom that comes with taking ownership of your finances. Although there are many approaches to预算特定的系统s prove to be more effective than others. Zero-based budgeting is an easy and reliable method to achieve your financial goals. The concept of zero-based budgeting is simple: When you create your budget, you assign a role for every single dollar of your income.

By knowing exactly where your hard-earned cash is going, zero-based budgeting eliminates uncertainty and increases confidence in your financial decisions. Could a zero-sum approach to budgeting be the key to helping you regain your financial freedom? We’ll walk you through the specifics of this detail-oriented budgeting method so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your situation.


In short, zero-based budgeting is when you allocate every dollar you earn so that your income minus your expenses equals zero. If you earn $3,000 a month, the entirety of that $3,000 is accounted for in a zero-based budget. The goal is to avoid having extra money at the end of the month so you make wise spending choices.



By forcing you to decide how much of your income will go towards goals like paying off debt or拯救房子在您甚至收到您的支票之前,基于零的预算编制鼓励您坚持您的目标。

Is Zero-Based Budgeting Right For You?

基于零的预算可以是每个人。预算造成的破坏性神话是它只适用于缺乏纪律遵守责任的人。无论您如何在经济上挣扎或繁荣,您都可以从零基预算中获益您的资金。如果您对零零的预算持怀疑态度仍然持怀疑态度,请查看其与其他四个最受欢迎的预算替代方案(包括)50/30/20 method:

  • Zero-Based Budget:Make sure your expenses match your income each month so that your earnings minus your costs equal zero.
  • “Pay Yourself First” Budget:Dedicate money to savings and then the remainder is free to be spent how you choose.
  • 信封预算:将现金分成充满精确金额的物理信封,您可以花在该类别上。ope官方体育
  • 50/30/20 Budget:50% of your income is for essentials, 30% is for personal expenses, and 20% goes towards savings.
  • 基于价值的预算:Calculate the monthly cost of each need based on your values, then choose how to stretch your income to meet those needs.

When you don’t know exactly how you intend to divide your money each month, it’s easy to fall into spending traps. A zero-based budget using a digital预算toolis a great way to set yourself up for success and stick to your plan.

How to Create a Zero-Based Budget

Develop a zero-based budgeting plan by making it as simple as possible. Your main objective is ensuring your expenses match your income during the month. Don’t overcomplicate the process by stressing about making the “perfect” plan. The best part about creating a zero-based budget is that it’s easy to adjust month-over-month.


1. Record Your Monthly Income and Expenses


Next, consider expenses you’re saving for, like a new car, a birthday or anniversary gift, etc. With a little bit of forethought, there shouldn’t be any surprises. It’s wise to set aside cash for unexpected or one-off expenses so you’re not immediately dipping into your emergency fund.


When you’re new to zero-based budgeting, don’t worry if your income and expenses don’t balance each other out at first. It’s likely that you’ll have to reduce recurring costs or increase your earnings to reach a zero-sum. Canceling unnecessary subscriptions, packing your own lunch, skipping Starbucks, and starting apassive income-generatingside hustle are all helpful.

Using an app with abudget categorization当您在试验和错误阶段时,功能特别有用。否则,手动重新调整您的预算策略可能会繁琐和令人沮丧。






pros and cons of zero based budgeting

商业管理专家Peter Druckeris well-known for saying, “you can’t improve what you can’t measure.” If you want to make progress towards your financial goals, you need a way to define and track where your money will go. If you’re not convinced that a zero-based budget will work for you, don’t force it. You can always give it a try for a month or two and fall back on a different budgeting solution.

In Summary…


  • Zero-based budgeting is when all of your income minus all your expenses equals zero. Every dollar of your hard-earned cash has a specific, purpose-driven role.
  • 拥有零零的预算允许您通过主动将您的资金分配给不同的支出和储蓄领域来进一步进一步。
  • 使用数字预算工具如薄荷helps to set yourself up for success and hold you accountable in your zero-based budgeting goals.